Washington, D.C. Is Bribing Teens With Free AirPods if They Get Vaccinated

Washington, D.C. Offers Teens AirPods If They Get Vaccinated

The youth vaccine giveaway campaign will run from August 7 to September 30, with the weekly drawings for additional prizes beginning on August 30.

Since many of these young people need parents to take them to get vaccinated, Bowser threw in a perk for the adults as well. Parents and guardians will receive a $51 Visa gift card for every young person they take to get their first shot.

While you may shake your head, Washington, D.C. isn’t the only place offering incentives to get people vaccinated. In June, West Virginia unveiled a lottery program with prizes such as hunting rifles, shotguns, new trucks, $1 million, and hunting and fishing licenses for life. Around the same time, California said it would have “$50,000 Fridays” and give away 30 prizes of that amount, as well as six paid vacations. In Hawaii, meanwhile, officials were giving out airline miles, roundtrips on Southwest Airlines, a year of free pizza, and more.

According to the Washington, D.C. government, as of August 2, an estimated 64.6% of residents had received at least one dose of the vaccine. An estimated 55.1% were fully vaccinated. For reference, at the national level, 71% of people over 18 years old have received at least one dose and 61.1% of those in this group are fully vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Sunday. The capital has had 51,103 covid-19 cases since March 2020.


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