Star Trek: Prodigy’s Title Sequence Is Here, and It’s Gorgeous

Star Trek Prodigy Main Titles Released

That’s matched by the gorgeous visuals, which track the series’ lead ship—the experimental Starfleet vessel U.S.S. Protostar, as it zooms through everything from beautiful spatial anomalies, planets, and debris fields that actually come to form parts of Prodigy’s cast of young alien heroes. And then the big holographic Janeway face! It’s so lovely to see her again, right there in the title sequence as the guide for this next generation of would-be Starfleet explorers. The Protostar itself even has some Voyager parallels from a design standpoint, albeit with a twist: whereas Janeway’s iconic vessel would raise its nacelles into the more classic “Enterprise” shape to go to warp speed, it looks like the Protostar lowers its down into something more akin to Voyager’s standard design. A sweet little touch to tie the two series together even more.

Star Trek: Prodigy is set to hit Paramount+ later this year. No doubt we’ll learn more about the series next Wednesday, September 8, as part of CBS’ celebration of Star Trek’s 55th anniversary.

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