Rick and Morty…This Is Heavy

Live-Action Rick and Morty: Christopher Lloyd, Jaeden Martell

The new live-action Rick and Morty clip posted to Adult Swim’s account today is short, but stars Christopher Lloyd as Rick Sanchez and Jaeden Martell as Morty Smith in a pitch-perfect scene. There’s nothing all that much going on in the clip itself, but the “C-132″ reality designation included in Adult Swim’s tweet is a reference to the first two volumes of Oni Press’ Rick and Morty comic. The Rick and Morty of the C-132 are generally similar to their C-137 (the “main” Rick and Morty) counterparts save for certain details like Morty C-132 not having a son, and Rick C-132 not putting much faith in time travel.

Given Rick and Morty’s penchant for dimension-hopping stories, it’s not hard to envision Adult Swim playing around with the idea of the C-132 universe in a live-action special or series of shorts. While we didn’t hear back by time of publication, io9 reached out to the network for comment about whether this clip’s a teaser of things to come or not, and will report back if and when there’s word.

Rick and Morty’s next episode airs Sunday on Adult Swim.

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