Marvel’s Midnight Suns Game Looks Like an Avengers Roommate Simulator

Marvel Midnight Suns RPG Gets Gameplay Trailer

The idea of “leveling up” by taking walks in the backyard with Tony Stark and doing yoga with Magik sounds fabulous. As for the combat itself, it looks as exciting as any straight-up action video game. I’m a bit wary of how the player’s moves and attacks are defined by a random assortment of cards, but the way you can use the environment to your advantage adds a layer to the tactical gameplay I wasn’t expecting. If you’re wondering why the hell this game is called Midnight Suns, by the way, it’s because it’s based on a rather obscure Marvel comic series from the ‘90s where a group of significantly lesser-known heroes fought Lilith and her demon army. Don’t worry about it.

Midnight Suns is currently set for release next March.

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